Our Firm is involved in the liquidation of companies. The liquidation process is dealt with through our associate , GOODGATE MANAGEMENT LIMITED, in connection with our Book-Keeping department and the Auditor of the company.

The process is of liquidation is a long process as the financial statements of the company need to be prepared up to the date of liquidation and these must be submitted to all appropriate authorities.

Furthermore a meeting is held by the board of directors to convene an extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders of the company, to approve the liquidation of the company and the appointment of the liquidator.

Our license as Insolvency Practitioner provides our clients the option of appointing us as the liquidator of their companies, to carry out all such acts before the Courts in Cyprus and the Registrar of Companies to ensure the proper liquidation of their companies.

The liquidator takes control of the company upon his appointment by the Shareholders of the Company. He/She prepares statements of assets and liabilities, obtains a declaration of solvency by the directors and submits them together with the notice of the special resolution and the resolution appointing the liquidator to the Registrar of Companies, who undertakes to publish the proposed liquidation of the company in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus.

After these are published and provided that all company assets have been liquidated and all liabilities paid, the liquidator publishes in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus, a notice of the final general meeting of the Shareholders during which the liquidator presents to the Shareholders an account of the winding up process.

After the shareholder's final meeting is held, the liquidator files at the Registrar of Companies a copy of the final accounts and a return of the meeting held. The company is considering dissolved 3 months after the filing of the final accounts (all these procedures involve direct expenses paid by the liquidator).

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